Do You Have a Blueprint for a Cheerful Career?

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Discover exactly what it is you want to do and the steps to get there. Navigate work challenges effectively so you can like your job again.

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Resumes that get results. Interview training that prepares you to feel confident so you can land your dream job. Assessments to help you understand yourself and co-workers better.

Experience improv and play with your organization or group. Enjoy the benefits of laughter, agreeing, letting go, and saying ‘YES’! Have more fun at work!

Do you or your employees…

  • Spend more time complaining about work than actually doing it?
  • Feel underutilized and/or undervalued?
  • Dread Monday morning on Sunday night?
  • Feel like work is getting so negative?
  • Want to have more meaning at work?
  • Want to feel happier and more fulfilled?
  • Feel desperate for a change, but don’t see a way out?

Imagine a workplace where …

  • Work has meaning 
  • People wake up invigorated to go to work
  • Individuals have the job they have always wanted
  • Co-workers are positive, optimistic and productive at work
  • People manage difficult work-related stressors with ease and grace

At Careerfulness, we make this possible. We are experts at putting the “happy” back in work!


denver career coaching clients


Discovered and Landed a New Career!

“My work with Pam was instrumental in finding a career that I can be happy in, but what she really provided was so much more than that. Pam was able to help me identify my personal strengths and needs. This not only showed me the work I was suited for, but the work that would challenge me in the way I wanted to be challenged. In addition to finding the direction I wanted to go in, she helped me with all the details- preparing a resume, practicing for interviews, and identifying industries and specific positions that fit my skills and desires. She was even able to help me with a very personal and unusual circumstance by researching and networking with other professionals on how to deal with my challenge that didn’t fit in your normal job search. Pam was an advisor, an advocate and a friend throughout the process and I wouldn’t be as happy in my career and current position if it wasn’t for her.”

David S., Business Analyst

Overcame Burnout!

“Working with Pam has changed my life.  When I initially contacted Pam to learn more about her services, I was emotionally, physically, and mentally struggling with a challenging boss at work. I was also dealing with career burnout. The stress from this negative work environment had leaked into my personal life and was wreaking havoc on my health. Pam has been a savior in helping me to get back on track and turn my crisis around. In addition to lending an emotionally supportive ear, she provided me with both the professional and personal life strategies I needed to help me get through each day. She also helped me to better define my career interests, values, and goals so I can pursue a position that both speaks to my heart and pays the bills. Every session with Pam has been an enlightening one, with takeaways that can be immediately applied to my career and life.  I don’t know where I would be right now personally or professionally if it was not for Pam.”

Kristine, Project Manager

Transitioned Smoothly into Senior Role!

“Pam does great work! As I transitioned into a more senior role within my organization it was challenging and I needed to recognize and adjust to new skill sets and communications needs. Pam was able to help me capitalize on some of my natural strengths. I had to grow professionally and she helped me recognize some really needed areas for professional improvement. I now feel much more capable communicating effectively with C-level and Executive Staff. I have also found it very helpful in communicating with and coaching my own growing team of direct reports. Finally, I am better able to manage and foster conflict resolution for the benefit of my customers thanks to the work we did together. I highly recommend working with Pam as a coach.”

Marc C., IT Manager