Discover Your Cheerful Career Program


This program is designed for individuals who want to get in touch with their talents, skills and interests and bring them together to design a career that is fulfilling, meaningful and brings joy.

This program will help bust through the confusion of what you want to do and balance your needs for income with your desire to create a career and life that is rewarding. You will walk away from this program with a clear sense of what it is you want to do for work and a blueprint and firm footing for your next step. Great for a graduation gift for new grads, grads that haven’t quite found a career or mid-levels in transition.

  • Choice of 2 Assessments (Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest, Indigo, StrengthsFinder)
  • Evaluation of your Needs and Values
  • Evaluation of what makes you feel good at work
  • Transferrable Skills Inventory
  • A list of job titles and industries
  • The Career Bliss Blueprint
  • 3 months of one-on-one coaching
  • Unlimited email support


Works Better with Her Team!

“Pam is really wonderful about guiding you toward yourself and helping you identify what you really need. She coaches you through reassessing your current situation, so you can examine it in a new light. Essentially Pam enables you to get out of your own way, so you can move forward individually, or, within the framework of a team. Plus, she’s gracious and patient and allows the process to unfold in an organic way. I loved working with her.”

Amy A., St. Business Owner

Gaining Career Confidence!

“Working with Pam has been a fantastic journey. She is professional, inspirational, and encouraging. Pam helped me communicate with management and other staff, and supported me through asking and receiving a promotion and a raise! She has also been instrumental in dealing with challenging office situations. Pam has helped me define my true goals and we mapped out a course to achieve them.  I feel more confident and excited for my career growth, and working with Pam has accelerated my goals. I look forward to continue working with Pam to further my career. Thank you, Pam!”

Elizabeth A., Marketing Professional

Discovered Her Dream Job!

“I went to see Pam for career guidance after high school and while I was trying to figure out my major in college. I took the Myers Briggs and did the Strong Inventory with Pam and it helped me discover what I was really interested in and the types of things I wanted to be doing with my career. With the help of Pam’s coaching and guidance I am now enrolled in an OT program and really excited about the direction I am heading in and my future career!”

Allie F., Student