Interview Skills Training

 $450 for 4 sessions and materials

Once your resume has made it to the top of the pile and been impressive enough to land you an interview, you don’t want to mess it up. At Careerfulness, we are experts in interview preparation.

Our interview skills training was designed with the knowledge of how interviews are created, what questions will typically be asked and what answers hiring managers are seeking. Don’t miss this one opportunity you have to impress. Our process helps you to build your confidence and go into the interview prepared and ready. Land your dream job with our interview skills training!

Denver Interviewing Training
  • A review of the different types of interviews and how to ace them
  • Review of the job description for your position and questions that are likely to be asked
  • Role Playing and Mock Interviews
  • Honest but encouraging feedback
  • Comprehensive list of Interview Questions and how to answer
  • Tips to keep you confident
  • 4 hour-long Sessions with our Interview Expert


“The Careerfulness Group Coaching Workshop has been a valuable experience as I begin my search for a new and exciting career. Pam is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and highly supportive of people looking for their next job. The tools I have been given have helped renew my confidence in my job hunt. Thanks Pam and Careerfulness!”

Michelle J., Business Manager

My experiences with Pam Farone have been excellent.  I met with her both individually and as part of a career group; both experiences were valuable.  Pam’s knowledge of careers and job-seeking is extensive.  She helped me bring my resume and job-seeking approach up to date. Pam helped restore some of my lagging self-confidence and motivation, with her energy, positive attitude and encouragement to value my past work experiences. She trained our group on many valuable techniques. She is friendly and easy to talk to. I recommend her highly!!”

Mary M., Librarian

“I went to see Pam for career guidance after high school and while I was trying to figure out my major in college. I took the Myers Briggs and did the Strong Inventory with Pam and it helped me discover what I was really interested in and the types of things I wanted to be doing with my career. With the help of Pam’s coaching and guidance I am now enrolled in an OT program and really excited about the direction I am heading in and my future career!”

Allie F., Student